It is recommended to separate your Work and Home computers because Home computers often have less sophisticated security protection. They rarely have Anti-Virus software on them and if it is installed it's not normally up to date. 

Most of home users neglect to purchase enterprise grade endpoint security. In addition, home computers normally have unsecured applications which could lead to unintentional data leaks. Accessing work data on these device will expose your work related data to third parties putting your business at risk. Therefore, we do not recommend a mixing your home and work on one computer. 

The ideal scenario is for your business to invest into commercial grade notebooks which come with enterprise grade security and end to end encryption. This way you can bring your notebook home from work due to it's mobility. Being a work computer, your security investments are already installed on it which include endpoint security and your firewall VPN software. 

For the best user experience, you also have the option to purchase docking stations, monitors, keyboards and mice so you simply only have to transport your notebook between your Work and Home.  The Datcom team adopt the same simple policy internally. 

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